About Us

Virus Bacteria Free Technology

Company philosophy

Our mission is to use contact sterilization methods to cut off the transmission chain of bacteria and viruses in the community and protect public health.

After many studies, most of the virus transmission enters the body in the form of saliva droplets or through contacting in the community transmission mode is mostly latter, so the solid-state contact killing technology is the most effective way in killing bacteria and virus. With the advancement of medicine, the resistance of bacteria and viruses has also become more tenacious at the same time. We use vacuum deposition nanotechnology to produce silver ions and quickly kill bacteria and viruses without drug resistance. It does not contain chemicals and makes environmental pollution without toxicity and will not cause skin allergies or irritation to humans.

Introduction to solid-state sterilization technology

Silver able to produce powerful silver ions under nanometer conditions, which can kill more than 600 kinds of bacteria, coronaviruses, and molds. Our core technology is to produce Nano-silver under vacuum conditions, controls the distribution and density of Nano-silver, and sputters on the workpiece at high speed. Then use a hard carrier to protect the Nano-silver to avoid loss. After the coating releases silver ions for sterilization, it returns into Nano and able to maintain the long-term sterilization function in the coating which is completely different from the liquid silver ion sterilization technology. Even you use it repeatedly, our technology will not cause all damage to human body and will not cause silver pollution. The technology that uses Nano-silver mixed into the adhesive, plastic, or metal cannot effectively control the distribution and concentration of silver ions and has poor sterilization ability. Through years of research, we have successfully developed transparent Nano-silver coating technology that can apply to plastic, PET film, fiber cloth, non-woven fabric, glass and, metal workpieces.